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We are a UAE based race endurance team, most of the drivers are the wrong side of 40, and as such we have all experienced , either through close friends or family, people we know being diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimers. Unfortunately this has meant we have lost some people very close to our hearts […]

Wubbe very busy with Prep for Barcelona

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Just off the phone with the resident genius ( Wubbe) about the plans for the next event for SVDP racing. Seems after winning by 35 laps in Holland there is plenty of improvements to be done. No rest for the wicked is there! But at last there seems to be a focus on the organic […]

Prep for Barcelona begins

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After a great class win in the Zandvoort 12hr race last week work has already started for the Barcelona 24hr event to be held in September. SVDP firmly believe that a lot of races are won in the workshop and with Wubbe Engineering preparing the car that is always a strong point for the mighty […]

The day after report

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SVDP win with a margin of 35 laps in the D1 class! although not as easy as it sounds with several trips to the pit box to correct problems with the car. Friday seen a rear wing mount failure and a bump into a higher class car with a driver not to sure of his […]

Day 1 Summary

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Ok eventful day for the mighty SVDP deKoningh Medical Systems car in day 1. What do they say about highs and lows with motorsport. With Wubbe taking on and beating out factory built BMW 120d, our little former sales rep car feasted on a who range of cars in the qualifying session for the touring […]