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We are a UAE based race endurance team, most of the drivers are the wrong side of 40, and as such we have all experienced , either through close friends or family, people we know being diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimers. Unfortunately this has meant we have lost some people very close to our hearts […]



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Endurance racing is a long game, one of the key’s to success is a good fueling strategy, both for the car and for the crew. While Chris and Jason did the honors for the car at the diesel pump the Hilton kept us properly fueled. We have to say a huge thank you to the […]


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A big thanks to all our freinds in the media for all the great coverage of the Dubai 24 hours. A special thanks to Darren and Lex at CircuitPro Digital for these great write ups. Also to Phil and his team at Crank and Piston for this. Hopefully more press to coverage […]