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Hurrah, she has gone ! On board the mighty ship the CMA CGM Strauss. Going via, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malta, Tangier’s the UK and finally due in to Rotterdam on the 14th of August for Wubbe to play with. And this is where she is at the moment (or when last in range […]

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Livery Design Competition

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Given the extraordinary level of Photoshop talent around the motoring forums we frequent, we thought we would give you guys the opportunity to contribute to Team SVDP Racing’s 2012/13 racing campaign in the form of a competition to design our race livery for the 24H Barcelona and 24H Dubai endurance races. This would also save us many […]


Close but no cigar . . . . . YET !

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As you might have noticed the count down timer is running and shipping WAS today. After several days of frantic effort from Phil and Arnie (at NFS) mountians of paper work had dutifly been completed. (Well done guys for the work so far!) We loaded her on the trailer and filled the cars up ready […]

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And now, a word to our sponsors!

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It’s been a hectic few months and finally the car has come to the end of the Dubai phase of the race prep. The team would just like to take a moment to thank two local companies who have provided services and materials for the build. For all our fittings and hoses: Gates Fleximak […]


Door Cards

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One of the last ones on the to do list was the door cards. The scrutineers at the last race had kindly reminded us that we needed some, so finally time to tick that one off. Well what do you think we made them off ! This is one of the doors, light weight fibre […]


Fuel system

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Yes another big job crossed off ! After all our problems in Dubai with the injectors, pumps and the fuel system generally we knew it needed a major rework. The selected option was to remove the orignal external OEM tank and replace it with an ATL foam filled racing fuel cell, twin internal pumps and […]



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Hi All, One of the long running jobs has been to sort out the electrics. Sam has been very busy working away quietly sorting out all the auxilairy electrics (and some of the primary ones !). From this   To this Well done Sam !