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Endurance racing is a long game, one of the key’s to success is a good fueling strategy, both for the car and for the crew. While Chris and Jason did the honors for the car at the diesel pump the Hilton kept us properly fueled. We have to say a huge thank you to the […]


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A big thanks to all our freinds in the media for all the great coverage of the Dubai 24 hours. A special thanks to Darren and Lex at CircuitPro Digital for these great write ups. Also to Phil and his team at Crank and Piston for this. Hopefully more press to coverage […]



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SVDP Racing are pleased to report a victory on home turf as class winners in the Creventec 24 Hour Dubai sports car endurance race held on 10-12 January 2013. The team of Dubai Based expat racing enthusiasts, headed by 2007/2008 DAMC Open Saloon Champion Spencer Vanderpal, had tasted success before, having achieved second place with […]

Track 2

Dubai 24 hour 2013 – Pre testing

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As you know by now, the car is here so time to hit the track. And this has to be unique for SVDP, lined up behind the pace car and first to hit the track. And she goes !!! (Thanks Tim,, for the photo.) Some standing around. Some adjusting. Some chatting. Lots of concentration. […]

Cell 1

Other upgrades

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We have been VERY busy, as well as the track and the new front wing we have . . . . . . . Fitted a bigger fuel cell, but we are not going to tell you how big, that is between us and the scrutineers. And upgraded the lights. Three HID each side, the […]


Winging it !

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One of the goodies that were recently purchased was a BMW motorsport 130 fibreglass front end. Only down side is that it’s not wide enough, and the wing mounts are not good. So off with the front end. Some new inner wind to outer wing brackets. A bit of hot work and bending (you can […]



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Hi All, It is the big event this weekend and we are all running around like mad getting the car ready but more on that shortly. However, time for a freebie. Free tickets Click here and Register and you will be emailed one of these : We are car 115 based in pit 12A so […]