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SVDP win with a margin of 35 laps in the D1 class! although not as easy as it sounds with several trips to the pit box to correct problems with the car. Friday seen a rear wing mount failure and a bump into a higher class car with a driver not to sure of his braking zone, but these things happen in this kind of racing. This bump would lead to other issues later on in the race but on the Friday it cost SVDP P2 while they spend 15 minutes in the box correcting the alignment of the front end. With Wubbe making a trip down to the other car involved in the bump to make sure they were ok, with no damage reported on the other car handshakes and smiles were exchanged and the promise of some refreshments to be shared after the race. When returning to the track with Spencer at the wheel in P5 and having it all to do to start claiming back some of the lost positions, the wily old fox with limited track time drove smart and keep out of trouble to have the SVDP BMW120d back into P3 by the end of racing on day 1.
Day 2 dawned with Wubbe practically chomping on the bit to get back out and put the car into a class lead, and with a gap to the leading Recy racing of some 4 laps he had his work cut out for him. We at SVDP racing have always said that 80% of races are won in the workshop and 10% driver and 10% lady luck, and she had not been all that kind of late to us with 2 unlucky events costing us class wins in Barcelona 2013 and Dubai 2014. However today would sadly see our main rivals fall foul of lady luck with TTC and Recy racing both having their own problems to deal with. Green flag drops and within 1 lap we have a code 60, Wubbe being the clever guy he is heads for the pit box as he knows this will be a long code 60 to remove cars from the circuit. SVDP use this to again do a better job with the alignment as it will cost them very little time. Wubbe returned to the circuit in P4 and at this point we found out that Recy racy had been involved in an accident we checked with them and driver was ok but car was a bit of a mess with the right rear corner needing to be replaced. Wubbe then churned out faster and faster laps clawing back TTC. With Wubbe able to get SVDP back to P2 within 2 laps of TTC, it was a very impressive drive with laptimes better than most of the AT3 class, until we have a front wheel bearing collapse which cost us over 30 minutes to replace which was the last 30 minutes of Wubbe second stint. Spencer then had his final stint and was banging out his personal best times for the whole 2 hour stint, until TTC had a steering rack failure which Spencer jumped on and put SVDP into P1 for the first time. The team again needed to look at the left front wheel that had received the knock in the first hour of the race and another wheel bearing needed to be installed. by this time Cor enser 120dBMW had jumped into P1 by 3 laps when Wubbe started his final stint which would take us through to the end of the race. with Wubbe recording lap time over 13 seconds fast then the 74 car in P1 it was just a matter of time before Wubbe caught and past him. However lady luck cut this short when car 74 developed a leak from the diff and had to pit to make repairs which then allowed Wubbe to control his pace and take the SVDP Car to the checkered flag and another class win for the mighty 120d BMW.

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