Wubbe very busy with Prep for Barcelona

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IMG-20140611-WA000Just off the phone with the resident genius ( Wubbe) about the plans for the next event for SVDP racing. Seems after winning by 35 laps in Holland there is plenty of improvements to be done. No rest for the wicked is there! But at last there seems to be a focus on the organic squigy bits that sit behind the steering wheel. I have it on very good advice that all the drivers are now proud owners of bikes and are madly pedaling their way to peak fitness. Also Wubbe has finally caved into to one member of our team with very short fingers to relocate the control panel and AIM dash….and no it wont be voice activated as suggested. Our brilliant engineer has come to the realization that the car is fast enough, just has to be driven to its potential, and hence driver comfort is finally on the list. And believe me this is no easy task when there is about a foot in difference between the driver height. stay tuned for some update pictures of what is taking place at Wubbe HQ.

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