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We are a UAE based race endurance team, most of the drivers are the wrong side of 40, and as such we have all experienced , either through close friends or family, people we know being diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimers. Unfortunately this has meant we have lost some people very close to our hearts

This September we are again racing at the 24hr Endurance event at the Circuit de Catuluyna in Spain. The event will be held over the weekend of the 7th September 2014

During the weekend we will be sending out updates via our facebook page SVDP Racing

We are lucky enough to do something we enjoy, and as a team have always tried to give something back to the community
In the past we have participated in the Cancer for the kids charity events in Holland, and have also helped young mechanics, from a young age, to get some much needed real life experience at the race track

This year we have decided to try and raise money for 2 very important charities, whilst doing something we enjoy

Spencers Wife Angela Wrek2trek for Genesis Research Trust…
In September 2014, wrek2trek. (AKA Angela Vanderpal) will join Professor Robert Winston’s Women for Women Trek the Great Wall of China challenge to fund ground breaking medical research work at a major research Centre at Hammersmith hospital. We will be trekking, for a period of six days, from Jinshanling to Mutianyu and finishing in Beijing

My target is to raise a minimum of £3100 to take part and I’m asking for your support to help reach my fundraising target. If my target is not met, I will pay the difference myself.

Hundreds of women from across the UK have already helped Professor Winston, founder and chairman of the charity, raise almost £ 4 million for Genesis Trust by taking part in cycling and trekking challenges around the world. The women for women challenges raise funds to train women scientists and clinicians to work at the Centre, empowering more women to lead in this field.

They will work to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a range of devastating conditions, which cause genetic diseases, cancer, miscarriage, premature birth, and brain damage. The fundamental aim is to improve women’s health and to ensure that more women have a normal pregnancy with a healthy baby.

We fund world-class research to prevent, treat and cure dementia. We help people to understand dementia and the progress we are making. We forge partnerships with Government and other key organisations to make dementia research a national priority.

We are looking to raise as much money as possible for both charities, and all we ask is that if you ar a positions to sponsor either of these charities, you make donations via the Just giving pages we have set up

You can donate on the following Just Giving Pages

Every penny you donate goes straight to the charity of your choice
We are hoping to raise a grand total of gbp 5,000
We know lots of our friends have already made donations, and would like to thank each and every one of you

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