The Rest of the team

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Motor racing is truely a team sport, this is the team.
– Crew Chief
It’s got to be genetic, Egbert is Wubbe’s brother and a wizard.
He keeps us all organised and working hard, even in the long and dark hours with the spanners.
He is also the owner of Carlis so you can get a great deal on a used car.
Tell him you know Spencer and he is sure to increase give you a great price.

– Mechanic.

A lover of all cars, famous for taking over 6 montsh to choose what car to buy and then buying two in a week. A lifted wrangler with a step ladder and a Clubman which can be regulary seen flying round the Dubai autodrome.

Also another diesel engine specalist for a major portable power company and a masters in areodynamics as well.


– Mechanic.

Runs a very tasty TVR from a stunning workshop in the UK. “I bought the garage not the house”.

Works as a commisioning and design engineer for an oil major, those long off site times are often spent in team HQ.


– Mechanic (and web monkey)

A self confesd tool adict, which this only helps feed.

When they asked for volunteers everybody else stepped backards so I was voluteered.

Works as a damage surveyor for ships including the ultra large marine diesel engine.

Jason Lyness

– Mechanic

Jason is a self confessed BMW lover which always comes in handy.

He is also a master of EBay which Spencer’s wallet loves.

Jason joined SVDP racing for the 2013 Dubai 24 hours.


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