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BMW 120D

She is a BMW 120D. running in the 2 litre tubro charged diesel touring car classes.

Modifications made :

  • Quaffe rear dif with changed ratio’s.
  • Uprated suspention and links, front cross brace.
  • ATL racing fuel cell (not going to tell you how many litres though).
  • Duel fuel pumps and twin filter system with in dash switching.
  • Dry break refuling system.
  • High pressure air jacks.
  • BMW Motorsports body kit, with additional modifications to allow a wider range of tires to be used.
  • Fibre glass body pannels including doors and bonnet foil wrapped.
  • Carbon NACA turbo charger inlet scoop in bonnet..
  • Carbon rear downforce wing.
  • Lexan windows and roof ventilation scoop.
  • Replacement lighting loom with all round HID spots and apex lights.
  • All Interior removed, carbon switch pannel and dashboard section.ECU re-tuned
  • Quick release steering wheel, extended steering coloumn and steering lock removed.
  • De-catted and side exit sports exhaust.
  • Aluminium motor sport radiator.
  • Air inlet swirl flaps removed.
  • Power approx 200 wheel BHP.
  • Car to pit in helmet radio system.
  • LED flat pannel door lights for the racing number at night.
  • Full FIA roll cage, seats, harness, extingusher system and kill switch.
There is a lot more content within the blog on the car, what we do to her, breakages and us fixing them. Have browse, leave any comments and ask any questions.

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