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Chris has had a long and checked history in motorsport.


Started in the early 80’s with bikes at a local track and progressed to karts shortly after. Gain some success if karts and raced in the last of the F1 GP’s in Adelaide in the 250cc superkart support race.

Also competed in a limited run in the formula Braham series in a 92D Reynard ( F3 ) totally under budgeted but great fun anyway.

Competed in the Victorian star series clubman light karts for many years until opting for a change into the speedway racing scene.  There he competed in a Limited sportsman and won the Victorian regional title and 5th in the Australian title the same year. Moved on to limited sprintcars, 550kg in weight  and 600hp made for a lot of fun and a 3rd place  in the Victorian title that year.

Moved over seas in 1995 for work and had a 10 year break only to come out of retirement in 2005 to win the UAE Rotax max series winning 40 out of 45 races that season, seems the break worked wonders.

Also competed in the 2006 Biland 250cc world title race which seen a 16th place out of 100, not bad for a slightly overweight balding man was it.

Was very active in getting the first national saloon racing series up and running, was one of the 6 cars on the grid for that day ( along with Spence) with his favorite R32 skyline GTR, for a second place, nearly first except the cheat with the grillion dollar GT2 porsche 😉 but we did give him a huge fright with the very very late braking move on the final corner. We raced that series for 2 years until the UAE GT series was put together for the 2009 season.

UAE GT series we purchased a old Dodge Viper GTSR that needed a lot of fixing up to compete with. Think we may have scared more people that we pasted, but man what a car, infact I still have it.

In 2010 4 of us clubbed together for a crack at the endurance racing. Plan was to use Spencers UAE touring car a cracking Honda type R with a great track record in this particular race. So plans were put into place ship it over to the UK for the 2010 Britcar 24 hr race, no detail of refurbishment and spares were over looked, a huge amount of work was done……..and then we brought a BMW 120D in the UK instead.  Turns out it was the right thing to do it’s a great car for this type of racing. We started the 2010 Britcar 24hr 57 out of 61 car and got a 36 place outright in the worse race I have ever been in. Hands up who has raced in the dark, in the pouring rain, with fog, and 55 faster cars and enjoyed it! We hated the car and the race so much we brought the mighty BMW 120D back to Dubai as the only diesel car in the country to have a crack at the 2011 Dubai 24 hr. Again lots has been said about that race but what a car the little bimmer is, started in 85th place and was running as high as 34th outright until a clutch issue kept us in the pit for an hour. Anyway a 3rd in class out of 10 cars was a grand way to celebrate our first Dubai 24hr.

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